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Village Centre Apartments is Maine’s first large-scale passive multi-family building at 54,886 SF, 3 stories, and 48 affordable housing units and one of the largest passive developments in North America (PHIUS Certified)INTUS Arcade triple pane steel reinforced polymer windows are an integral part of this project being so energy efficient through the intense Northeast winters. 


The Village Centre apartments are being built to such strict standards of energy efficiency that the builders expect some tenants will not have to turn on their heat next winter. 

“There is no heating system — no boiler — in the building. The super insulation, air-sealed units, triple-pane windows, have made it so tight and energy efficient the units are heated up to a point,” said Kyra Walker, Community Housing of Maine Chief Operating Officer. 

Each apartment has supplemental baseboard electric heating. The heating unit in the one-bedroom apartment is just 2 feet long, Walker said, adding that “the thought is residents might not have to use that at all.” 

By adding extra-thick, well-insulated walls and roof, recessed triple-pane windows, an energy recovery ventilation system, and LED bulbs and solar power, the Village Centre complex qualifies as one of the largest passive-certified housing projects in the United States.” Bangor Daily News 


PHIUS 2016 Multifamily Winner 

PHIUS 2016 Affordable Winner 





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