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112 residential units




Multi-family (112 residential units)

St. Augustine Apartments will be a new affordable and supportive multi-family building in the Bronx, NY. Varying in height from 6-stories to 12-stories, there will be a total of 112 residential units consisting of 35 studios (0-br, supportive housing units), 19 one-bedroom, 37 two-bedrooms, 21 three-bedrooms.

Once the site of the demolished St. Augustine’s Church, this new development will fit as seamlessly into the context of the neighborhood, as the church did. The massing of the new building will be rectangular-shaped and will run north to south following the foot print of the old church. The highest portion will face south and will be characterized by the location of the glazed elevator lobbies.  These elevator lobbies will be the main feature of the building, will provide spectacular views during the day and will become a beam of light at night. This glazed tower will act as an icon and modern counterpart to the adjacent brick buildings and the beautiful armory nearby.

The proposed first floor will measure about 10,800 square feet and will include the main entrance, lobby area, security desk, management office, mail room and 10 apartment units.  Each additional floor will contain the remainder of units.

A large portion of the cellar, which will front Fulton Avenue, will be at grade and will include the laundry room, supportive housing offices, and the community/multi-use room. Each will have direct daylight and access to a landscaped front yard that will include a play area for residents. The underground portion of the cellar will be underground and will include a required bike storage room, and storage and mechanical rooms.

The roof level will include the boiler room, an elevator machine room and stairway bulkheads. There is potential for the installation of a PV solar array at the roof level and extensive green roofs at all setback roof levels.

There will be 27 (2 ADA) outdoor uncovered parking spaces as required by zoning. All yards (front, side, rear) will be landscaped with native, drought resistant plants and trees.

The building will be enrolled in the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP). As a New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (NYC HPD) funded project, it will need to comply with the Enterprise Green Communities certification program.


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