71,700 SF, 7 stories, 4 buildings


INTUS Double Pane Windows & Storefronts



Sound Ratings

45 STC/38 OITC


White/Anodized Silver

About This Project


L² or phase II of the Livonia Avenue Initiative is an affordable sustainable housing development that will transform empty lots in the neighborhood of East New York, Brooklyn. It features INTUS Arcade double pane steel reinforced polymer casement windows and storefronts. Our fixed and casement windows provide a sound rating of 45 STC/38 OITC to keep life peaceful and quiet alongside the busy elevated L and 3 trains and the Livonia Ave. station. Sound is also reduced by the buildings’ facades which are angled to minimize the sound and rattle from the trains, while maximizing privacy and natural light.


INTUS Windows are also adding points for the project to achieve LEED Silver. Other key components are a green roof, high efficiency water fixtures, a quality indoor environment through green materials and finishes, and high energy cost savings. Compared to a code compliant building, the project is expected to use 20% less energy due to a high-performance envelope, efficient systems, lighting, and controls.


The four newly constructed energy efficient buildings will have a mix of affordable housing, commercial, and community resources. The 292 apartments will be for both affordable and supportive housing, including 10% of units specified for persons with disabilities and municipal employees. Walkability and improvements to the entire neighborhood will be made through the 30,000 SF of retail space.


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