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Intus Windows utilizes polymer window and door frames that are reinforced with steel u-channels for increased strength and stability. The use of unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride or U-PVC which has no plasticizers added and resulting window frame is stronger, longer lasting and much more UV resistant. The polymer frames are resistant to rot, and our wide variety of durable laminate finishes result in a product that is virtually maintenance free.

UPVC tilt slide blue

Intus Windows utilizes uPVC window and door frames that are reinforced with steel u-channels for increased strength and stability. The use of unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride or U-PVC which has no plasticizers added and resulting window frame is stronger, longer lasting and much more UV resistant. The uPVC frames do not rot and do not require painting and the window & door frames are available in a wide variety of laminate colors. The use of triple pane glazing makes for superior energy efficiency, interior comfort, and noise reduction.

  • Argon, krypton and other gases between the panes insulate better than regular air
  • Triple seal for superior air tightness and improved thermal values while effectively keeping moisture out
  • Unmatched laminate color selection ranging from wood textures to aluminum type finishes
  • Large sizes up to 16 ft wide

Decorative RENOLIT EXOFOL PVC films give windows, doors and other outdoor surfaces beautiful colors, wood grain designs and sophisticated surface structures for decades.

Intus Colors combine a comprehensive range of colors with a rich variety of possible surface structures. Any architectural style can be accentuated using this exceptional color concept. The top quality and extremely durable coatings and foils also satisfy highest quality and design demands.

Exterior/interior colors:

1. Silver D 2. Trompet C 3. Anthracite Grey EXOFOL PX 4. Dark Bronze 8. Walnut V 7. Golden Oak 9. Macore

Interior colors:

10. Signal Grey 11. Steel Blue 12. Black Brown 13. Irish Oak 15. Cherry Blossom 14. Soft Cherry

RENOLIT EXOFOL MX for interior

The PVC films are twin-layered. The color pigments in the base film use Solar Shield Technology. This protects the profile against excessive heat build-up. The base layer can remain as plain solid color or be printed, the upper transparent PMMA layer protects the colors and designs against fading caused by UV radiation or other weathering effects.


The pigments in the pigmented base film clearly reduce the infrared radiation and heat build-up in the profile. SST (Solar Shield Technology) is sun protection of the most effective type. The transparent upper layer consists of  polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and absorbs more than 95 % of the UV-radiation. With a long-term effect. The colors and wood grains are protected from fading and other weather effects.

RENOLIT EXOFOL PX for exterior

RENOLIT EXOFOL PX makes windows look good for longer. Ground-breaking high-performance raw materials ensure better product services – patented features:

  • More stable copolymer technology replaces migrating plasticizer.
  • Optimized color pigments for clearly extended color stability.
  • Longer UV protection in the PMMA film protects the entire system. More sensitive white tones therefore are no problem either.
  • The primer layer under the PVC base film ensures best adhesion.


RENOLIT EXOFOL PX laminates cannot be used in the following states: FL, TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO.

RENOLIT EXOFOL FX for exterior

RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is a high-performance film for the global market which sets new standards in terms of color fastness and protection. RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is a multi-layer film with an overall thickness of 170 – 180 μm.  The top layer consists of a polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF), the second is transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and the base layer is a solid colour PMMA.


The base layer contains Solar Shield Technology (SST), to further decrease heat build-up of the film and the laminated components.

The three-layered structure of the film retains any color nearly without change throughout the service life, even when subjected to intense UV exposure. With its Solar Shield Technology, RENOLIT EXOFOL FX also protects the profiles from strong solar radiation. The film structure permits use of previously critical colors and wood grains. Weather exposure tests according to RAL-GZ 716 and EN 513-2 have confirmed that RENOLIT EXOFOL FX by far exceeds the requirements of the RAL quality standards.

RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is weather and ultraviolet resistant. This high-performance material retains its gloss throughout its service life. In addition, the film’s low surface tension makes it inherently dirt-repellent and therefore easy to clean.  Even graffiti can easily be removed.  The easy-to-clean effect of RENOLIT EXOFOL FX allows it to be used for new applications such as curtain walls on high-rise buildings.


RENOLIT EXOFOL MX has a high aesthetic effect. The care effort is very low: Even a single cleaning per year with detergent and water, using a sponge or a soft brush, will be sufficient to maintain the beautiful look across the entire  film service life.

Design Options

Operation options

Tilt Slide door operation schemes 07.31.2014


Types of decorative grids

  • Simulated divided lites with spacers
  • Stuck-on grids
  • Grids in pane
Hardware Options


Our handles are produced to the highest standard and use high quality materials. Besides looking great they also have a number of features that make our doors more secure and make your home a safer place to live. The self-operating blocking mechanism makes a precise click as the handle is turned through its various positions. Secustik window handles contain a patented jamming-device which provides integrated security. This helps to prevent unlawful moving of the window-fitting from outside. A coupling element allows for normal use of the window handle from inside, but jams the handle if anyone tries to turn it from outside by way of the fitting.

The handle is easy to operate. Intus Windows offers semi-automatic door handle for tilt/slide doors. When the handle is turned upwards, the sash is released into the sliding position. In the closing phase the sash self-engages into the tilting position. Then close the sash just like a conventional Tilt & Turn window. When the handle is turned to vertical (anti-clockwise) position, the bottom of the panel is pushed to the frame with no effort.


Screens are not available and will not be shipped for doors.

Screens can be purchased from third party companies, references available.


We offer triple glazed windows with multiple selection of Ug, SHGC, VT so your windows can be customized for you location, orientation and situation for optimal performance. Our knowledgeable employees and distributors will be happy to assist you in glazing selection.

  • Obscure Insulating Glass. This glass obscures the view for more privacy, while letting the light shine through. Available in a variety of textured surfaces.
  • Tinted Insulating Glass. Like sunglasses, windows with tinted glass help block the sun’s rays to help control glare; plus, they keep rooms that get direct sun cooler. The tint also helps block the view into your home. Available in Blue, Bronze and insulating glass.
  • Clear Insulating Glass. The airspace filled with argon gas between the three panes of glass improves insulating properties, preventing heat or cold from escaping or entering your home.
  • Tempered Insulating Glass. This glass will usually shatter into small fragments instead of sharp shards when broken.
  • Security glass. Different levels of security glass will provide necessary protection.
  • Laminated glass. Blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Lamination films will keep the glass in place if glass is shattered.


Large windows let in lots of beautiful, bright light. But they also let in punishing UV rays that prematurely fade expensive hardwood floors, curtains, rugs, furniture and cherished mementos. Guardian offers superior fade and UV protection that blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation with Guardian Laminated Glass.

adobe_pdf Laminated Glass (Guardian) – Protection from UV Rays


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