One Window or Door = One Tree Planted

For every window or door purchased, we plant a tree to further offset a structure’s carbon footprint. One Window, One Tree. INTUS conserves energy and decreases carbon through our superb energy efficient windows and doors, while proactively increasing our planet’s carbon absorption.

INTUS and our partners collaborate to plant trees in the region of our building projects. The planting site is based on several factors, including the most beneficial impact to the local environment. We’ve hooked up with One Tree Planted, and local organizations and governments to target areas in need. We are transforming the buildings we live and work in, and the environment around them.

The INTUS Carbon Reduction Goal

To offset carbon emissions enough to recover the absorption rate of 5 billion trees by 2036 through our tree planting program, and our energy efficient products.

Why Choose INTUS?

Make your project energy efficient and stay on budget. Open up opportunities for green tax credits, increase your ROI, and get trees planted in the name of your building!


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