The INTUS Windows factory is a state of the art, highly automated operation with a structured process for every single step of the process. Our methods for checks, quality, testing, safety, and improvement ensure superior quality.

Lead Time

INTUS’s customized windows and doors can be delivered to all 48 contiguous states in the US, as well as Canadian provinces. We have a highly experienced in-house logistics team that works with world renowned freight forwarders for an on-time delivery to your jobsite. Please check with your sales representative for the current lead times in your area.

Quality Assurance & Control

All received materials are checked using our stringent Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL). Every window/door leaving production is thoroughly checked by a trained staff member and every single component must pass our detailed quality control checklist. To ensure top performance, any production staff member can suggest ideas for improvement or innovation. Suggestions are publicly posted and considered by the entire team.

Constant Testing

Every 75th window from production is randomly tested for water and air penetration. The required PSF level is taken from the specific project’s shop drawings and the pressure is always increased by 50% to ensure superior performance. Every single window that leaves production is checked by a trained staff member for physical quality and has to receive a 100% on our checklist.

Packing & Loading

Orders are packed in order of our client’s preference to make unloading at the job site a breeze. Our products are well protected and always include detailed instructions for a damage-free unloading and storage process.


Every single item has a detailed label to ensure they are properly used and installed in the right location for the project. The labels include a drawing of the product, the dimensions, the quantity, SKU, and the element or position number which correlates to the job’s detailed quote.

Why Choose INTUS?

Make your project energy efficient and stay on budget. Open up opportunities for green tax credits, increase your ROI, and get trees planted in the name of your building!


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Hardware & Accessories

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