Cost Savings

Hospitality: Recent studies have shown that hotels spend on average about 60% of their utility costs on electricity. Annually, hotels spend an average of $770 per room on electricity costs according to the EPA Energy Star Building Statistics. So a 90-unit hotel will spend close to $70,000 a year on room electricity costs. Energy costs continue to rise and hoteliers looking to cut their energy costs can do so by utilizing Intus Windows and their triple pane window technology in the hotel public areas and guest rooms.

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Institutional: The low solar heat gain coefficient of  insulating glazing, combined with the low U-values, reduces heating and cooling demand significantly. According to the MCN Build, the cost of the Intus system proved to be 30% less than the otherwise installed aluminum double-paned system; thus saving both the builder, and even more important, Capital City Public Charter school, as much as $300,000.00 dollars and $72,695.00 estimated saving in energy consumption a year.

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Residential or single multi-family unit homes: Prototype for affordable housing that drastically cuts energy consumption by 85 percent. The housing unit can perform so well to limits energy consumption to 4.75 KBTU per square foot, per year.  According to Linda Metropulos, sustainability and development consultant with ACTION-Housing, that amounts to just 10 to 15 percent of what a typical house uses.

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Heat Loss Though Windows

Up to 30% of the yearly home heating bill is due to heat loss through windows.

Traditional conventional home:

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Crown Plaza Hotel, NJ, Intus energy efficient windows installed: