What our employees say:

“It’s been great experience working with INTUS. The beauty is to see the company growing and to be a part of it. The biggest reward is to know you have your input and to feel appreciation for your work. Great team, pleasant working environment and positive attitude helps to set higher goals and motivates to reach them. INTUS taught me to understand the importance of putting the company’s goals above personal ones. Like a football team has one common goal to win, so does the company to succeed and every employee is a part of the game. Proper efforts and mindset lead to positive results. It’s so much easier to reach a common goal once you switch from single player to team play.”


“It’s such an amazing company that really motivates you to work hard and give your best. There is a huge room for career and personal development, the management does a great effort to improve the employee skills, once they realize your effort they trust you with bigger positions. If you are willing to grow you will easily grow. They give a clear career path, with solid work related milestones to track your career development. They work as a team or a family in which the individual growth is counted as the company growth. As Aurimas, the Principal, said “ when the company grows, you all will grow.”



“It’s a very friendly motivating culture, respectful atmosphere, INTUS windows is all about working efficiently and effectively in a young ambitious environment that makes it very different than any other company. There is a huge room for career and personal development, If you are willing to grow you will easily grow.”


“Here at INTUS Windows, we have: Equal opportunity, phonemically smart employees, advanced products, good work-life balance, and huge opportunities to learn new skills. All employees learn how to make client service a top priority. Management is exceptional with both perfect and flawless direction and openness to listen and change. At INTUS Windows all employees are encouraged to take the initiative to come up with new and fresh ideas – empower employees to lead and make decisions. All employees are encouraged to act with honesty and honor without compromising the truth – integrity.”


“If you are a passionate, creative person with new ideas, join us! Your idea will be valued or can even change the company!”