INTUS Means 'Within' or 'Inside' in Latin

INTUS creates high performing windows and doors that conserve energy, increase thermal performance, and reduce noise. By balancing superb energy efficiency, affordability, and versatility, INTUS is making sustainable building attainable for any type of commercial project in the U.S.

The source of nearly 48% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are from buildings; windows and doors are key to dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and decreasing wasted energy. INTUS is committed to providing innovative solutions whether for a modern multi-family building beside the New York City subwaya luxury hotel in Tennessee, or a school in Maine. Through our customizable solutions it is now possible to balance costs, long-term performance, and secure savings on the ever- rising cost of energy.

The Team

The INTUS team originates from over 16 nations with the majority being bilingual or trilingual. Our team is made up of engineers, drafters, thermal analysts, project coordinators, estimators, technicians, business developers, and supporting staff in passive house and sustainable building consulting, accounting, marketing, graphic design, IT, administration, human resources, and more. We use our diversity to crush the box, innovate, and improve to provide the highest level of service to our clients — our core focus.

Offices Covering the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

We are headquartered right outside Washington, D.C. (the world’s first LEED Platinum city) in Fairfax, Virginia. Through our regional offices in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and D.C., and our National Accounts department, we are proud to service the entire United States.

One Window or Door = One Tree Planted

For every window or door purchased, we plant a tree to further offset a structure’s carbon footprint. One Window, One Tree. INTUS conserves energy and decreases carbon through our superb energy efficient windows and doors, while proactively increasing our planet’s carbon absorption.

INTUS and our partners collaborate to plant trees in the region of our building projects. The planting site is based on several factors, including the most beneficial impact to the local environment. We’ve hooked up with One Tree Planted, and local organizations and governments to target areas in need. We are transforming the buildings we live and work in, and the environment around them.

The INTUS Carbon Reduction Goal

To offset carbon emissions enough to recover the absorption rate of 5 billion trees by 2036 through our tree planting program, and our energy efficient products.

INTUS Principles

Our philosophy started with conservation. We believe we must first eliminate waste to improve our planet, our communities, our buildings, our lives. By decreasing the carbon output of a building, sustainability automatically increases. This equates to buildings that perform better, last longer, are more enjoyed, and are better for the planet — our home. On the parallel, funds previously wasted on unnecessary energy bills can be used elsewhere — to increase a hotel’s profit margins, a school’s educational budget, or a multi family building’s occupancy rate.


To create modern, light-filled energy efficient buildings, innovation is imperative. INTUS is dedicated to constant innovation which requires flexibility, adaptability, and strict standards. By being at the forefront of energy efficient building standards since our inception we continue to be a step ahead and the top choice for Passive HouseLEEDNet-Zero, green buildings, and the environmentally focused builder.


To support humans on this planet, sustainability is fundamental. Buildings are currently one of the most wasteful sectors on the planet, but INTUS is proud to be reversing this through sustainable building. We achieve this by providing incredible energy efficient fenestration designs, recycling polymer in our manufacturing process, and providing affordable, practical, diverse solutions. Furthermore, we prioritize continuous education internally, and externally with those in the building and energy industries to ensure the best solutions are not only invented but implemented.

Why Polymer Windows?

Polymer window and door assemblies perform 2-3 times better than aluminum windows, with up to a 40% savings, while also reducing sound and conserving energy. Moreover, buildings are the source of nearly 48% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; windows and doors are key to dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, and decreasing wasted energy.

INTUS’ customizable polymer solutions balance affordability, long-term performance, and secure savings on the ever-rising cost of energy. Creating an energy efficient building is not just the eco-friendly way, but the best approach to ensure a high return on investment.

Why Choose INTUS?

Make your project energy efficient and stay on budget. Open up opportunities for green tax credits, increase your ROI, and get trees planted in the name of your building!


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