INTUS unites extreme energy efficiency with affordability and versatility. We create high performing windows and doors that conserve energy, increase thermal performance, and reduce noise. Customizable options are available for any type of commercial building in any climate zone of the United States. This makes INTUS the top choice for Passive House and LEED Certified structures, green buildings, and the environmentally focused client.

The source of nearly 48% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions is from buildings; windows and doors are key to dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, and decreasing wasted energy. Whether you’re building a modern multifamily building beside the NYC subway, or a traditional hotel in the deserts of Arizona, INTUS has customizable solutions that balance affordability, long-term performance, and secure savings on the ever-rising cost of energy.


INTUS means ‘within’ or ‘inside’ in Latin.

Since 2010, INTUS Windows has been a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing extremely energy efficient windows and doors in the United States. Our windows have been essential components in the U.S.’ first Passive House Certified church, the first LEED-Platinum mixed-use residential/retail building, Maine’s first Passive House school, NY’s largest Passive House co-housing project, and dozens of LEEDPassive House, and Energy Star Certified building projects.

From our products to our team, we are innovative and diverse. The INTUS team is made up of over 14 nationalities with the majority being bilingual. Our team includes engineers, drafters, project coordinators, estimators, technicians, business developers, and supporting staff in consulting, accounting, marketing, graphic design, administration, and more, to ensure that our clients receive the service they need and deserve. Our main office is right outside Washington, D.C. in Fairfax, V.A., and we service the entire United States, with offices in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

By 2036 we aim to offset carbon emissions enough to recover the absorption rate of 5 billion trees through our energy efficient products! View our selection of double and triple pane, steel reinforced polymer windows, and help us reduce the carbon footprint through energy conservation!

Why INTUS Windows?


Our philosophy started with conservation, and to improve living and working environments in buildings by eliminating waste first, and only then considering other energy upgrades. Capital City Public Charter School for example is the first charter school in the U.S. to use triple pane windows, and is saving thousands of dollars on energy use every year. By dramatically decreasing waste and cutting the carbon footprint of a building through energy conservation, sustainability increases. A school can use savings towards educational programs, hotels can focus more on customer engagement, residences and community buildings can spend more on amenities.

Intus Windows Eforte window Capital City School7 capital-charter-school-01 KIPP-Web_Charter-Schooll-04DSC_0464



We’re able to stay on top of the strictest green building standards and design requirements through innovation. Intus is flexible, so if one component of a window or door has evolved, we can easily and quickly integrate it into our products since we control the entire supply chain. This has advanced Intus to being the pioneer in eco-conscious fenestration solutions.

Our products exceed building energy code compliance by extremely high margins, are Passive House Certified, and are regularly used in net-zeroEnergy Star, and LEED Certified buildings, including the prestigious LEED Platinum Certification. As the only AW and CW rated polymer windows of our kind, INTUS Windows can be used in any commercial or residential building – from high-rise to a single-family home.

Our windows and doors are sturdy enough to withstand any climate within the United States – from the freezing Alaskan Tundra, to the intense heat and high elevations of Arizona’s high deserts. They can withstand high wind speeds, and have one of the highest noise ratings of any windows on the market, thus being the go-to solution for New York City’s strict noise codes.




INTUS truly takes responsibility for energy conservation by providing energy efficient products for one of the most wasteful sectors on the planet – our buildings! We’re providing workable solutions to the climate crisis through our energy efficient designs, recycling polymer in our manufacturing process, and by providing affordable, practical, diverse fenestration solutions. Furthermore, INTUS understands the importance of education in creating a sustainable future; we take pride in educating our clients (potential and current), conducting architect and installer training’s every month, and educating ourselves by following technical advances that can better our products and business, and therefore the world.


Learn a bit about INTUS Windows, and what makes up an energy efficient polymer window through the quick educational video below.



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