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Intus Windows is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and distributing super energy-efficient windows and doors in the United States. We are driven by technology, innovation, and continuous progress. There is a reason why our products have been called “Technologically Beautiful”.

Our super energy efficient windows and doors will fit any commercial, residential or industrial application. Passive House Certified and suitable assemblies have extremely high sound insulation ratings as well.

With headquarters in Fairfax VA, the Intus Windows team includes drafters, engineers, project managers, estimators and other supporting staff members to ensure that all of our clients receive the service they deserve. Our team has vast expertise in engineering, construction, consulting, management and finance. This expertise, along with backgrounds from 14 different nations around the world, always gives the chance for a new idea or innovative concept to be put into practice to allow the company grow internally and within a vastly growing market.

Why Intus Windows?


It all starts with conservation. Our philosophy is to improve living and working environments in buildings by eliminating waste first and only then considering other energy upgrades. Capital City Charter School is the first charter school in US to use triple pane windows and also a great example of conservation mindset. By installing triple pane Intus windows the school saves thousands of dollars on energy use every year. Those savings can further be used to enhance educational programs. It is never too late to invest in our future or in the future of our children.

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Being able to perform at the highest level is one of the many things Intus Windows prides itself on. Our products exceed energy code compliance by extreme margin and can be used not only in numerous commercial and high-rise residential applications but also in Passive House standard buildings. Our products have the ability to withstand high wind speeds and can adapt to multiple climates, from the Alaskan Tundra to the extreme heat and high elevations of Arizona and Colorado. Intus Windows is a product of choice in major multifamily buildings in US including NYC metro area where sound and energy performance is a constant concern.


One of the key responsibilities we have is to reduce our footprint through energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy. Our high performance products will help us conserve a significant amount of energy that is otherwise being wasted each day. Intus Windows has an amazing impact on the environment by reusing and recycling polymer windows in its manufacturing process. This recycling process has been perfected over the years and can help to protect the environment from waste. We believe that through education, consulting, and superb customer service, we can spread awareness of sustainable thought.

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Every building should be comfortable to reside in. By using Intus products, our clients can enjoy their living or working spaces and at the same time improve the bottom line. We help to achieve comfort by significantly improving sound insulation and evening space surface temperatures. This is possible because of the thermal and airtightness properties of our windows.


Our state of the art products will enhance the style and curb appeal of any home, school, or high-rise building. Projects such as Elysium Logan in Washington, DC or Prospect Plaza in New York City show the creative aspects of our windows and light up the skylines of these amazing cities.

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